We love it when our friends are successful in learning to trade! Here’s a few things they’ve said about Active Trend Trading!

HI Dennis,  WOW, EWA!

I’m pretty wound up this morning.  I bought large positions of TNA and SPXL in my IRA yesterday.  This morning I was up $20,000.   I locked down 14,000 of the gains by selling 3/4 of the SPXL and half the TNA.  Put in stop losses above my purchase prices.  Will wait to see how it goes on the rest.

What a day.
May 2015


Hi Dennis,
thanks for all your work. I’m really learning a lot and am starting to enjoy trading much more than I have in the past.
Thanks again!
Feb 2015


Just finished the mid-week (training) on clues……excellent.  My compliments to you for finally getting through to me on the importance of the 50-day moving average…..
Austin, TX; March 2015


Hi Dennis,
Thank you for the training sessions. I’m a beginner in technical analysis. Your training info has really help me get a better handle on stock price movement. I still have a long way to go but you are helping me greatly in getting there. Btw, the recordings are very much appreciated. Sometimes it takes hearing the info a few times before they start to sink in…
March 2015


This week’s review of stocks was the best set of analysis that I’ve seen from your service, in my opinion.   I came away with several trading ideas that were not otherwise on my radar, and I thought your technical chart reviews were clear and unbiased….  Keep it up !!!!
Dave M.
San Jose, CA; March 2015


I found both the detail on the broadening top in the email below as well as your market observations on the video especially enlightening.  I particularly appreciated the video – it was like getting to look over your shoulder and eavesdrop on your thought process for analyzing support and resistance levels.  Very helpful.
Thanks so much! 
San Jose, CA;  March 2015


Hi Dennis, Last night’s presentation was  great and I appreciated the information and explanations on the stocks. . Of course the stock charts and visual data you provide makes  grasping the information easy.
Thanks, Gene
Jan 2015



Just wanted to let you know that I am now positive (profitable) for 2014. Not up much but going from -40K to breakeven is fantastic for me!

Salinas, CA June 2014

Hi Dennis,
….A positive note is that I was up 65% for 2014 as of last Monday. I withdrew all my money and paid off my college bill for my Masters. Thanks for all the help. I will start saving up money again and go for the next target.
Have a great weekend!

Dublin, Ca April 2014


Hi Dennis,
Your presentations add enormous value to all levels of traders/investors. The beauty of this is that the system, if followed consistently and with discipline can get good returns on all great quality stocks and in any kind of market – upward trend, consolidation or moving sideways. I have personally learned a lot from your emails/presentations and continue to do so.
San Jose, Ca January 2014


Dear Dennis,
I like to take this opportunity to wish you & family HAPPY HOLIDAYS & PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!!!
Since hearing your presentations in BAMM group this year in San Jose my work routine and investment results have significantly improved. I thank you for giving me this gift. I can not give you any equivalent gift. I thank you very much and wishing you the best for years ahead.

San Jose, Ca December 2013


Hi Dennis,
I’m not a big time email chatter person. However I just want to take the time to say Thank You for all you do.  I am a very avid technical trader. Fundamentals are not a big deal to me, except for earnings reports.

Just to have your tid-bits of knowledge such as the patterns repeat themselves is a great reminder, trading is simple. It’s not easy, but it is simple.
Take Care. Your Friend,
Bob S
San Jose, CA April 2014


These sessions on-line are great.
I am learning a lot. Thanks for all your efforts, also the other person who was assisting you.

Could you please email me a copy of this and future presentations?

San Jose, Ca April 2014


I just want to send you a note of sincere gratitude to you for the following reasons:
I would have never thought of using candlesticks.
You continue to show me the art of the trade.
You are patient with me.
You put the effort in every week to improve the education.
I am more confident and calm with the idea of trading stocks. I feel more equipped to enter a trade.

So again thank you.
San Jose, Ca     March 2014


Hi Dennis
Why are your presentations worth attending?! Let me begin with a quote from Jeff Bezos “if I have objective data, I need no one’s opinion” (I paraphrase)
Your presentations bring opportunity and caution in objective and learnable manner. The title of your posts “art and science” speaks directly to my point. There is no perfect trading system- this is an endeavor of probability, leveraged by position size. Combining learnable skills of identifying patterns and then fine tuning entries/exits with candlestick analysis allow me to place odds in my favor. Never 100% correct but certainly better than random entry.
Add to your presentations the depth of group conversations via email is an added bonus! As folks apply strategies and discuss earnestly- we all learn in the process.
Can’t wait till the next meetup- Thank you for leading this group!

Walnut Creek, CA Jan 2014


Hi Dennis,
The value of your presentation is that it helps me time the entries and exits more precisely when using candles. As I continue to look at more and more charts, my skills will continue to increase.

Joyce, San Jose, CA January 2014