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We currently offer 3 levels of subscription memberships and 3 special training opportunities that only open occasionally. Learn more below.

ATTS Subscription Levels

ATTS Free Membership

Our free membership gives you access to market info, our blog, and trading results. We release new free videos with market analysis and technical tips.

Occasionally, we invite free members to special training zoom calls, too.

As a special gift, you get the Power Rank Elite Watch List every week.

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Power Rank Elite Top 5+ with AutoPilot Trades

Get the Top 5 best trade opportunities from the Power Rank Elite Watchlist each week.

Every weekend, you'll get all the intel you need to set up your swing trades on AutoPilot with an easy to use table, and video review.

This system has earned over 40% this year, and is a great value for busy people or those just starting to trade.

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ATTS Premium Membership

Get everything in the other subscriptions, plus

  • Live trade alerts for stock and options trades
  • Premium only live trading sessions
  • Premium only training
  • Our video training archives
  • Special access to our lead trader

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ATTS Special Training Opportunities

Accelerate Mentoring

A 6-week intensive training for swing trading stocks with the Active Trend Trading system.

Accelerate Mentoring builds a strong foundation of the technical, psychological, and strategic skills you need to be a successful trader. We work closely with mentoring members for the entire 6 weeks to ensure their successful completion of the course.

Extremely limited availability.

Interested? Send us a message to get on the waiting list.

Top 5 Auto Pilot Trading Challenge

Consistency of action creates consistent results.

In 2 weeks, this challenge dials in your routine for auto pilot trades so you can manage a successful system in an hour or less per week.

Offered at regular intervals.

Interested? Send us a message to get on the waitlist.