About the System: What is Active Trend Trading?

It’s a trading system with that is aimed at helping traders of all experience levels Clarify and Simplify their trading process so they can Multiply their success. The system was developed after several years of research into various trading system. The strongest parts of those successful systems were combined into the Active Trend Trading System. By combining the strongest objective elements of sound growth stock selection systems, swing & trend following systems based on moving averages and candlestick trading systems. Traders can be prepared to trade in any market environment regardless of market direction.

Learning the Active Trend Trading System provides traders the training to benefit from the Five Pillars of a proven system:

5 Pillars

Pillar 1: Know what to trade

Pillar 2: Know when to get into a trade at defined objective Action Points

Pillar 3: Know when to get out of a trade at defined objective Action Points

Pillar 4: Know what Strategy to use

Pillar 5: Proven Expectations

About Us

DWWuse1Dennis W. Wilborn, Sr.

Dennis W. Wilborn, Sr., is President and founder of the Active Trend Trading education and trade timing service. He is a technical analyst who began trading part-time in 1987 while I on active duty in the US Navy. As a licensed engineer he was drawn to technical analysis and stock charts from the beginning. Through the years he became both an avid student of technical analysis and a proponent of Trend Trading. After twenty-three years of active service he retired as a Navy Commander, and began his second career and went into business as Program Manager for a wireless infrastructure company through 2006. At this point he devoted himself to additional education and research on various trading systems and began trading and training full time.

Since 2006 he has refined his technical analysis skills by affiliation with the Market Technicians Association, gained his Certified Candle Stick Technician qualification and researched various trading systems with other professional trading colleagues. A recent guest appearance on IBD’s Weekly Radio Show highlighted the findings from one of his unique studies.

Over the past eleven years he has led the Bay Area Money Makers (BAMM) Trading Group providing training to thousands of traders throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and around the world. His expertise was highlighted in the book, How to Make Money in Stocks–Success Stories, by IBD’s Amy Smith.

Currently, Dennis post weekly VLOG called “On the Radar – Market Review”, provides Technical Analysis Training and provides specific trade timing services for Active Trend Trading Members.  In addition he hosts a weekly Webinar Show—“How to Make Money Trading Stocks and Options” every Friday at 11 a.m. Pacific.