Stop watching the markets in real-time!

Build your wealth in 2 Hours per week--or less--with Autopilot Trading.

You can probably swing trade better by NOT watching the market.

I'm sure you want to know HOW, but first, let me share WHY Autopilot Trading can change your trading and improve your financial future.

You’re busy. I’m busy. And none of us seems likely to find a bunch of free time soon.

When I was working 12+ hour days as a Naval officer and then an Engineer, I had to simplify and streamline my trading systems.

Now that I’m “retired” I can spend all the time I want watching the market—but I’d rather be with my family, play golf, and mentor people in trading and in life.

In other words, I’m still busy.

Plus, I see hardworking people more time-strapped than ever.

On top of the time problem, I’ve seen too many new traders lose their nest egg because they thought trading was easy and markets always went up.

I’ve also seen a lot of trade timing services that promise astronomical returns—but most alerts are so time sensitive that people with a day job can’t consistently use them.

It was clear that my experience of streamlining my own trading could provide a simple solution.

Enter Autopilot Trading.

I created it so that busy professionals could swing trade with pro-level results in just minutes per week.

With alerts you can actually use.

How Does Autopilot Trading Work?

In short, we leverage three important assets: Experience, Time, and Technology.

(Sometimes we also use financial leverage, but we’ll get to that later.)


Leveraging Experience

The Autopilot Trading system crystalizes my experience, and I deliver it to your inbox every weekend.

I’ve been trading for 3 decades. Since my corporate retirement, I’ve averaged over 36% annual returns since 2012.

Autopilot Trading members get the “Preflight Checklist” that takes my decades of experience and concentrates it into a short table.

But it’s more than just a watch list!

The Preflight Checklist reveals the exact trades I’m placing to take advantage of anticipated market movement in the week ahead.

Members also receive a short video analysis of those charts, and brief insight into the overall market context.

If you choose to parallel trade with us, you’re leveraging all 3 decades of my mistakes and successes.

You don’t even have to learn complicated stock or chart analysis to do it.

(We recommend starting with paper trading for any new system)

Leveraging Time

Time is the one asset we can never replenish. Wise people find ways to optimize it.

Autopilot Trading lets you optimize trading time by leveraging both your time and mine.

First, I’ve already done the searching to find a handful of powerful growth stocks and ETFs that may present optimal buy points soon.

You don’t have to spend the hours searching for trading opportunities, which gives you more free time at home.

Second, we use a unique trading methodology and leverage technology (more on that in a second) to set your trade orders while the market is closed—and let them work on Autopilot.

You don’t have to watch the market or worry about how your trades are doing if you follow this method.

Imagine how much more productive you can be at work when you’re not stressing about the market and dividing your attention.

Leveraging Technology

For most traders, watching real-time prices increases the chances they’ll make an emotional mistake.

Autopilot Trading leverages automation tools in modern trading platforms to set up trades from start to finish—entry, stop loss, and profit targets.

We do this when the market is closed, minimizing emotions and errors.

And with our methodology, we ensure we’re buying on sale, with a high probability of selling for a premium.

As a member, we tell you exactly how to set these trades, and each week, we show you exactly where we’re placing them in the current market.

Knowing how to set these Autopilot Trading orders is the only skill you need to get started using this system, and you can learn it in about an hour.

You don’t need to know a complex trading system.

You don’t need to understand technical chart patterns, indicators, or signals.

You don’t need to read financial filings, track earnings, or follow market news.

We’re doing all that for you.

All you do is open the Preflight checklist, watch the video, and set the orders for anything you want to parallel trade with us.

If leveraging experience, time, and technology with Autopilot Trading sounds good to you, keep reading to see how you can get started.

Autopilot Trading covers 2 different asset classes.

Top 5 Growth Stocks

Swing trading the hottest growth stock opportunities each week. We sort through our Power Rank Elite Watch List to find the five stocks with the best chance of presenting a technical buy point this week.These high-performing growth stocks come from lists pre-vetted by Investor’s Business Daily for fundamental stock strength.

The Top 5 Growth Stocks list shares which five stocks appear ready to trade—plus gives you all the trade details. It’s actionable trade intel from a professional.

Our members have been raving about this service for the past two years.

(Formerly the Power Rank Elite Top 5+)

Leveraged ETFs

A simpler way to build wealth trading index tracking funds. This is the service our members have been asking for since we launched the Top 5.

We hand-selected a small pool of seven index and sector ETFs, each leveraged to perform at 2-3x of their daily reference index movement.

This service gives you the option to engage the fourth leverage factor in Autopilot Trading by using financial leverage to increase gains.

Trading ETFs also introduces an extra level of technical consistency in the charts because it reduces the number of unpredictable events like earnings announcements.

These elements make Leveraged ETFs an amazing opportunity for Autopilot Trading.

Here's what you get every week:

  • 2 Preflight Checklists (Top 5 & 7 Leveraged ETFs)
  • Chart Review Videos for all tickers
  • Index Analysis Chart Review
  • Email notification of new lists
  • Top 5 Running List
  • How to Use the Preflight Checklist Videos

These combined elements have a value of $7,104/year.


But you can get started building wealth while you work for a fraction of that amount.

Get started today with your preferred pricing below and get two bonuses.

  • Bonus 1 - Autopilot Order Entry Video & PDF ($79 Value)
  • Bonus 2 - Trader Tools ($49 Value)
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    That's up to $592 of expert trading analysis per month for less than your daily coffee run.


    And to make sure you can take action on the information we send, we're adding the following bonus.

    Bonus - Autopilot Order Entry Guides

    Value: $79

    As a Bonus, I'll give you access to a training video and PDF that teaches you how to enter customized orders with your broker that trigger only if the stock reaches our Entry Action Zone.

    This video teaches you how to set up your week's trades in a few minutes, and then go about your business until they fill. I'd call it "Set and Forget", but forgetting trades is unwise.

    Then once you're in a trade, the video also covers how to automate your exits to protect capital and lock-in profits. Freeing you from the worry of watching the market all day. It's "set and don't fret" trading.

    AKA Autopilot Trading


    100% Lifetime Price Lock Guarantee

    The nature of trading does not allow me to guarantee a certain level of results or profits. Your personality, abilities, capital availability, risk tolerance, and a multitude of other factors influence your results.

    I can only guarantee what I can control.

    When you sign up today, your price will never increase as long as you remain a member in good standing, even if we increase our product pricing as we built extra value into each level.

    You could be parallel trading with a pro this weekend.

    Just choose your best option below.

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    Billed Quarterly at $279.99