IBD 50 & Free On the Radar

April 3, 2017

Good Day Traders,

Overview & Highlights for On the Radar: Patience and persistence are key traits of successful traders. Tonight, I highlight the key time periods on the leveraged ETFs when they tend to move. During these seasonal moves each of the ETFs we follow moved in the high double or even triple percentages. Our objective be in the right place at the right time and capture some of these moves.

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On the Radar: I’m out of the office this week but will be following up with reports and alerts when appropriate. No webinars this week due to poor internet connection and low bandwidth. Interesting action in the market today. SPX & NDX held up well, but Rut held at the lows rather than bouncing. Tonight, I want to remind everyone of the timing we expect for the four ETF categories we’re following. These include Gold, Financials, Biotech’s and Oil. I will highlight the time of year they usually start to perform best so all can start getting ready.

Gold: Tends to rally in June or July with the rally lasting until late August or early September. This coincides with the seasonal weakening in the dollar. Last year NUGT rose of 150% during this rally. While we do not know if a similar move will take place this year, I will look for buying opportunities in the June and July. If the market continues to fade presently look for NUGT to continue at least a short-term rally. I am long a small position in NUGT entered on March 31st.

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Outs & Ins on the IBD 50: TEDU makes its debut on the IBD 50 this past weekend. This is a low volume stock and not of interest currently.

The stocks that rose to the top of the Fundamental Sort were: COHR, AMAT, ESNT, SBCH and NTRI. NVDA, NTES and WB are worth watching for pullbacks and bounces.