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March 26, 2017

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On the Radar:  If current futures hold the market will open down tomorrow in reaction to the “no vote” on healthcare.  Market’s don’t like uncertainty, so if Paul Ryan was unsuccessful with healthcare, there will be doubts of his leadership ability going into tax reform.  So, what do we do?  Wait for the reaction to work its way out.  If prices do open hard down this often sets up a quick bounce.  At this point this bounce may prove to be an opportunity to get short the Indexes by either buying Puts on SPY, QQQ or IWM.   Another way to trade a selloff would be buy the inverse leveraged ETF’s which would be SPXU, SQQQ or TZA.  I would lean more towards SPXU or TZA if selling continues, but wait for pullback move into the moving averages on either 1-2 Hour intraday or daily charts.

Outs & Ins on the IBD 50:   VMW makes its debut on this year’s IBD 50 list.  VMW has appeared on the list several times over the past few years.  VMW failed to raise to the top of the Fundamental Sort on this week’s list.  If a stock doesn’t rise to the top of the sort should we not trade it?  It depends on how many stocks that did reach the top of the Sort and the type of patterns the non-top notch growth stocks shows.  Some stocks like TSLA have poor fundamentals but outstanding technicals.  The have large ranges each week that can provide ample opportunities for profitable swing trades.  While I would like to buy the top-notch, growth stocks based on the Fundamental Sort, there can be times when other stocks can be acceptable.  One way we’ve found around this issue it by trading leverage ETFs from the Premium Watch List.  This opens some great opportunities that are less dependent on fundamentals.

The top stocks from the Fundamental Sort this week were:  AMAT, ESNT and NTRI.