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Hi Mike and Dennis,

I was reviewing my year to date for Early alert trading and it’s up 21% for the year. It is a small account that started with a little over 12K, but I traded with the alerts when I was comfortable and had a positive results. Thank you both.

D.C.  Nov 21, 2015


fyi… I have been following your IWM trades. The difficult patch was during the recent drop..but I never went negative.   Currently, the strategy is up 19% as of today. 
I wanted to thank you for the education on this strategy and all the work that you are doing to keep me informed on your activity.

Richard M.  Sept 2015

“……I’m a happy camper. Your guidance has been invaluable to me.”

Andy—Austin, Tx Jan 2015

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Hi Dennis, ….A positive note is that I was up 65% for 2014 as of last Monday. I withdrew all my money and paid off my college bill for my Masters. Thanks for all the help. I will start saving up money again and go for the next target. Have a great weekend!

Michael from Dublin, Ca

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