Art & Science of Active Trend Trading June 11th

June 11, 2018

Good Day Traders,

What’s driving the markets?  News over the past few weeks.  Wide swings between the resistance ceiling and the support floor continue to provide little longer term directional traction.  Several events will potentially drive the markets this week.  The fail at the G7 didn’t cause a big move, but Korean Summit and FED meeting may provide a catalyst for a big pop or drop.  The market has already taken into account the FED rate hike perhaps the strongest wild card is the Korean Summit.  We shall see!

Trend Trading Tips:  This past weekend at church I heard an awesome speaker with an excellent motivational message.  Pastor Mark Ramsey from Australia spoke about, while it’s good to fight the good fight – it’s better to win the good fight.  You might wonder what in the world this topic would have to do with Trading but there is a connection.   His outline points were:

  1.  It’s not about the fight, it’s about the win:  This reminds me of how many traders fight the market but don’t win.  Our ego’s and stubbornness lead us to fight a fight with the market that traders seldom win!
  2.  Know what your win is:  If a trader says, “My win is making money.” they miss the point and will not last long as a trader.  A better “win” would be trade my system well.
  3. The will to win is nothing without the will to prepare:  Practice, practice, practice.  A paraphrase of a Michael Jordon  quote is, “The harder I train the luckier I get….”  Most traders won’t practice…no will to win!
  4. As you believe in your heart, so you are…Prov 23:7:  Our beliefs drive us towards loosing or winning.  Never protect a belief system that doesn’t produce victory!

You will never be an extra-ordinary trader until you are willing to do what the ordinary trader won’t do!

Bounce Zones for Premium Members: If you are a premium member some very powerful conditional order setup information will soon be available to complement the “Go-No Go” Table each week. Chart showing zones where traders can expect prices to bounce due to supply and demand pressures. What does this mean for Premium members? Charts of our ETFs and Core Stocks with define Bounce Zones will empower you to place conditional orders around these areas for both entry and planned exits. This will be one more way Active Trend Trading will help Premium Traders with limit time for market analysis. Stay tuned for more on this beneficial feature!

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Running List, Strongest Fundamental stocks on the IBD 50 and the NEW Composite List of Stocks showing up on multiple IBD Watch List on May 4th.

Running List: 139 stocks are on the 2018 Running list. Major swap out this week. Find the list here: Running 6-8

When the new IBD 50 list comes out twice per week I conduct a fundamental sort which results in the top fundamental IBD 50 stocks being identified. The top fundamental stocks for this week are:  MOMO, GRUB, ABMD & SIVB This sort is provided at:  6-8 Sorted

A new addition to the weekly watch lists for Active Trend Traders is a Composite List of IPOs and Growth Stocks appearing on multiple IBD watch list each weekend. When a stock appears on multiple Premium Lists it can potentially be an indication of excellent strength. The stocks on the weekly Composite List may not be at a sound trigger point but may be worth watching for future entries. I will do an analysis of the list looking for price near potential triggers. Stocks near potential triggers will be highlighted. The top stocks appearing on more than one IBD watch list last week are shown in the table below. The Composite List for this week: Composite  6-8