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First I want to say that while Mike and I have been pointing out several negative aspects of the current Bull Market over the past several months there has yet to be a convincing move to the downside. This is part and parcel of how topping action work—It tends to be a process and not an event. We are merely pointing out clues that emerging that at some point will be shouting “It’s Time to Correct!” Price action has not reached the shouting point yet. There have been multiple articles in the WSJ and Barron’s this past week calling out what we’ve been saying for several weeks/months.

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Mikes Macro Market Musings: Topic: It’s Déjà vu All Over Again!

With the recent price action in the Nasdaq being driven by a very small handful of current popular and high flying stocks (note that in the chart below there is an extreme negative divergence between Nasdaq price action making a recent higher high and the percentage of stocks above their 100 day moving average making lower highs and lower lows, demonstrating the lack of breadth in the current rally and therefore the likely unsustainability of this rally for very long), certain Yogi-isms and other humorous sayings have come to my mind. For instance, “it’s hard to make predictions, especially about the future”. And, “it’s deja vu all over again”. Or, “it’s interesting what you can see just by observing”.

Stocks above 100 NYSE 7-31a

In that light, a recent article in USA Today, that veritable pillar of sophisticated financial reporting (yes, that was meant to be sarcastic), reads partly as follows: “Giddy up! The Four Horsemen of Tech — Google, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook — helped push the Nasdaq to an all-time high Friday morning. These Four Horsemen dominate the Nasdaq. They are the tech equivalent of Triple Crown winner American Pharoah. These four are collectively worth nearly $1.7 trillion and are expected to report sales of more than $425 billion this year.” ( As an aside, I would also throw into this mix the stock of Netflix, but “The Five Horsemen of Tech” just doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.)

But here was the most interesting line in the story –

“But for now at least, Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google are galloping way ahead of the rest of tech.” So, why did this particular story seem so familiar? Simply because I have seen these same headlines in the past. To wit:

“Cramer’s Four Horsemen Of Tech” – September 25, 2007 (CNBC)

“Take Cramer’s ‘Four Horsemen of Tech,’ for instance. Apple, Research in Motion, Google and are up 31% as a group since he recommended them back on June 6. Despite the market being down today, each of these four stocks hit new highs.”

“The Four Horsemen Of The New Economy” – October 2, 2000 (BusinessWeek)

“Meet the new bosses: the Four Horsemen of the New Economy. More than any other collection of companies, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, EMC, and Cisco Systems represent the building blocks of Net business. Chances are, every company moving online will buy a piece of hardware or software from one of these four giants.

But just in case the point escapes you, let me plot these headlines on a price and valuation chart.

4 Horsemen

I think this chart speaks for itself quite clearly. Is it just coincidence that these articles all discuss the same thing at the previous peaks of “bull market” advances? Probably not. The psychology of market advances, and particularly late stage advances, are all built upon the “exuberance” and “short-sightedness” of investors. As “greed” is fed by a seemingly inexorable rise in asset prices, the belief “this time is different” grows. But this has not been just the case at the previous two major market peaks, but at every peak throughout history whether it was related to railroads, real estate, or stocks.

Does this mean that the markets are going to roll over and crash tomorrow or this week or this month in a repeat of what has happened to the Chinese equity bubble the past few weeks? Could happen, but not likely. I am NOT suggesting that the markets are about to “crash” tomorrow. Nor am I implying that you should sell everything thing and build a bunker. What I am suggesting is there is one prediction about the future that isn’t difficult to make, which is that everything revolves in cycles. There will be a down cycle that follows the up cycle of the U.S. equity markets over the past six years; every bull market is preceded and followed by a bear market. As such, this current investment cycle will end and will likely end rather catastrophically for those that have forgotten that investing is ultimately based on valuations and psychology. As Yogi might say, it doesn’t happen every time, but it happens all the time.

To those who say that “this time is different”, I would respond that since writing articles entitled the “4 Horseman of Technology” has been the “breaking of the seal” that lead to investor destruction twice in the past, maybe this “time should be different.” Maybe this time investors should pay a little heed to history which “never repeats but often rhymes.”

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