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Good Day Traders,

Overview & Highlights: Tonight I’m sitting in Rapid City, South Dakota completing day 8 of our month road trip. Amazing getting to see some of this great Nation in states we’re visiting for the first time. All I can say is the pioneers were a hearty bunch. Distance we cover in a day’s driving would have taken them 30-45 days. I’ll be stationary for a week visiting my mom next week. I’ll schedule both the Friday and Wednesday webinar during the week I’ll be there.

One of the main thing to remember while travelling is to stick to your rules and its OK not to be invested if uncomfortable with Market. Strategy III lends itself well to traveling because selling premium against the long positions takes less actual analysis but still brings in income. I’ll elaborate on other things I’m learning while on the road regarding trading.

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General Market Observation: While two of the three Tracking Indexes pushed to new highs last week momentum for the current move is waning a bit. No strong sell signals have appeared but after such a swift up move profit taking could be in order for each of the Indexes. How much profit taking is unknown although a healthy 3% – 5% would result in a pullback to around the 38.2% Fib Retracement of the bounce on 6/7. The last head fake from the beginning of August provide a bounce off of either the 8/20 day EMA cluster but was a quick move that relieved an overbought condition.

At this point we must respect the uptrend and plan trades to the long side until enough clues pile up to favor a downside trade. The traditional bias during August and September is down for the Indexes. This year, a perfect storm of investment funds coming in from Global Central Banks and the Fed’s commitment to maintain current stability may come together to counteract this bias. I hate buying slight dips but that may be all the current market provides.

SPX has gone back into a tight trading range with a new high in place. The difference this time is negative divergence on the TSI and low momentum. These are clues that normally would foretell a healthy pullback. I’ll be watching the slope and support capabilities of both the 8/20 daily EMA’s for additional clues if prices fall. If prices push to higher highs without a solid entry signal, then the analysis process will reset.

The NDX stalled some last week. This Index has demonstrated the greatest strength since late June. A solid pullback to either the 8 or 20 day EMAs would be optimal. A pullback into the breakout level around 4741 would split the difference between the two and would potentially be an appropriate entry trigger. Until proven otherwise expect the NDX to be the strongest performer.

The Russell has shown solid gains since 6/7 up just shy of 14% at the high. The RUT also showed signs of stalling last week. A tested level of support at 1200 coincides with the 23.6% Fib Retracement. I’ll use this level as my trigger for upside trades.

SPX 8-12

SPX: Downside Market Short the SPY, SPY Puts or SPXU.
Preferred Long ETF’s: SPY, UPRO and SPXL

NDX: Downside Market Short the QQQ, QQQ Puts or SQQQ.
Preferred Long ETF’s: QQQ and TQQQ

RUT: Downside Market Short the IWM, IWM Puts or TZA.
Preferred Long ETF’s: IWM and TNA

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Index Returns YTD 2016

Index YTD 8-12

ATTS Returns for 2016 through Aug 12, 2016


Percent invested initial $100K account: Strategies I & II invested at 8.6%; Strategy III invested at 25.98%.

ATTS YTD 8-12a

Current Strategy Performance YTD (Closed Trades)
Strategy I: Down -1414.25 or -2.0%
Strategy II: Up $3187.00 or +3.18%
Strategy III: Up $20331 or +74.15%
Cumulative YTD: 22.1%

Active Trend Trading’s Yearly Objectives:
– Yearly Return of 40%
– 60% Winning Trades
Early Warning Alert Target Yearly Return = 15% or better

For a complete view of specific trades closed visit the website at:

The next update August.

Outs & Ins: PZZA and VIPS make their debut on the IBD 50 for this year. Both have been on the list in past years. Both of these entrants appear to be good potential trades. PZZA is in the process of pulling back. VIPS just made a strong move on high volume after earnings. BABA, CNC and WOR round out the list of good looking upside candidates.

DG may provide a pre-earnings trade with earnings scheduled for 8/25.

In-Out 8-12

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