Swing Trade the Best Growth Stocks on Autopilot & Still Live Your Life

The Autopilot Trading - Top 5 Growth Stocks service delivers our Top 5 Swing Trading Opportunities from over a dozen top growth stock lists from Investor's Business Daily.

You get the symbols, video analysis, and full trade setup every week. All based on a system that has averaged over 32% annual returns since 2012.

I know you're busy. Maybe too busy to learn a trading system and put in the hours needed to trade successfully.

When I first started trading, I was a Naval officer, husband, and a father to two boys. I didn't have a lot of free time to devote to stock trading, but I sacrificed and put in the hours to learn.

After retiring from active duty, I entered the corporate world as an engineer in the wireless industry. Even though my boys were grown by then, I worked even more hours every day.

Over the years, I was forced to create systems to simplify and clarify my trading craft.

I get that many professionals now want to take control of their finances or their retirement planning, but don't have the time to do it. So I'm offering to give you 5 of my best trading opportunities every week.

Read below to learn how you can parallel trade with a market technician of over three decades in just a few minutes per week.

Autopilot Trading - Top 5 Growth Stocks gives you specific details of my trading plan for the top five swing trading growth stocks from the Power Rank Elite Watch List every week.

In almost 40 years of trading, I can pinpoint limiting my list to a small group of excellent prospects as one of the biggest contributors to my success.

At first I was surprised to learn that the more I limited my list, the more successful my trading became.

But there was still a big frustration that I had, and one I've heard from a lot of other traders.


When stocks show up on a fundamentally strong growth stock watch list, they're NOT ready to trade!

Fundamentally sound growth stocks typically show up on our feeder watch lists when they're extended from a technical buy point. That means when we're alerted to them, you put them on your watch list, and when I started out, you had to watch them like a hawk to know when to trade them.

Now, I've developed systems that filter through only the top stocks that are near one of my Entry Action Points.

To help you get trading success faster than I did, I'm inviting you to join Autopilot Trading - Top 5 Growth Stocks.

As a subscriber, you'll get a full plan for trading the short list from the Power Rank Elite Watch List -- the Top 5 growth stocks that are primed for potential trades this week.

But it isn’t just a list.

You’ll get a specific action plan every week that shows the tickers, support and resistance zones, and the specific action area where the Active Trend Traders are considering a trade. We call it the Preflight Checklist. Here's what it looks like, but this is OLD data, so don't use it.

Go-NoGo Table Example

Preflight Checklist Example

This is the valuable intel that I used to get average returns over 30% since 2012.

Our premium members have used it pay off student loans, buy their dream cars, and secure their retirement savings. They say it's made their trading easier and more efficient.

If you look at the right column, you'll see that we include specific price points for where we are considering entering and exiting the trade. This takes the guess work out of it for you. If you think it makes sense for your trading goals, you can parallel trade with us.

In addition to the Preflight Checklist trading table, each weekly update will give a short video review of the Top 5 stock charts.

Every week, you'll get the Checklist, and a 10-15 minute video where I'll walk you through the same 5 live charts that are on it. That way, you can see my thought process as I strategize each week.

It's professional level trade intel without the confusion.

You don't need to know or watch:

    • a complex trading system
    • technical indicators or signals
    • market news, earnings, or events

You simply get the trade details we plan on making, and decide if that trade works for you.

My most active members have told me the Preflight Checklist has been worth thousands of dollars to them each year.

Other educators offer similar newsletters for $75-150/month or more, and all they send is the email of tickers and some commentary about why the company is great. This service gives you actionable trade setups.

The Autopilot Trading - Top 5 Growth Stocks includes

    • Weekly update with the Preflight Checklist (a $75 value/month)
    • Weekly and monthly broad market analysis for context (an $85 value/month)
    • Weekly video review of each chart on that list (a $100 value/month)

That's a total monthly value of $260

In the past, we've charged as much as $79.99 for this type of timing service. But since we're committed to making trading as simple as possible for our subscribers, we want to make it easy for you to start.

For our free members like you, we're slashing our normal pricing.

Right now you can get the Autopilot Trading - Top 5 Growth Stocks every week

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Monthly Subscription

---> $19.99/month

What You Get Weekly

  • Top 5 Growth Stocks Update
  • Preflight Checklist
  • Broad Market Analysis
  • Video Chart Reviews
  • Bonus - Autopilot Order Entry Video
  • Cancel Any Time

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That's $260 of expert trading analysis per month for less than $1 per day.


And to make sure you can take action on the information we send, we're adding the following bonus.

Bonus - Autopilot Order Entry

Value: $49

As a Bonus, I'll give you access to a training video that teaches you how to enter customized orders with your broker that trigger only if the stock reaches our Entry Action Zone.

This video teaches you how to set up your week's trades in a few minutes, and then go about your business until they fill. I'd call it "Set and Forget", but forgetting trades is unwise.

Then once you're in a trade, the video also covers how to automate your exits to protect capital and lock-in profits. Freeing you from the worry of watching the market all day. It's "set and don't fret" trading.

AKA Autopilot Trading

Subscribe now and be ready to profit on Monday.

Monthly Subscription

---> $19.99/month

What You Get Weekly

  • Top 5 Growth Stocks Update
  • Preflight Checklist
  • Broad Market Analysis
  • Video Chart Reviews
  • Bonus - Autopilot Order Entry Video
  • Cancel Any Time

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