Past Results

The trading objectives of the Active Trend Trading System are the following:

Yearly Return:  40%  trading top quality growth stocks and TNA
Winning Percentage:  60%

These objectives were established over a 10 year modeling period, see  Pillar 5:  Defined Expectations  model results.

The linked results show how well we traded the system in a live environment and how close we came to achieving the system objectives as established by modeling data. 

While the Active Trend Trading System did outperform the S&P over the test period, we do not represent this as a guarantee of future performance. 

Results for 2020 Margin Account can be found here:  2020 Performance Margin Account  &  2020 Trading Log for Strategy 1 & 2

I’m very pleased with how Active Trend Trading performed in one of the weirdest years of my life!

2020 was a topsy turvy year with so many events resulting in more questions than answers including one of the weirdest elections in history which was spurred on by a pandemic virus of questionable veracity!  Regardless the markets blazed higher.

The 40% target yearly return goal was eclipsed and hit above 70%.  The trade account balance at the beginning of the year was $140,700 and closed the year at $240,946  including several open positions carried into 2021.  Total return was 71%.  A direct comparison with the S&P shows ATTS ran past the S&P return by 54.65%.

Strategy 1 gained over 44% trading stocks and ETFs.  Strategy 2 started the year with $20K of capital and gained over 222%.

Active Trend Trading will continue to focus on Stocks and ETFs with $220,946 allocated.  Strategy 1 will include Top 5 Autopilot trades, ETF Autopilot trades and Stocks moving into earning runs.

Strategy 2 will continue to have a goal of generating 5% return on a weekly basis.  My objective with Strategy 2 is taking a small to medium account and grow it using conservative options strategies.

Results for 2019 for the 2019 Margin Account can be found here:  2019 Performance Margin Account

The Active Trend Trading System hit it’s yearly targeted performance of 40% or better in 2019!  I continue to find ways to both Clarify and Simplify the System so members can Multiply the probability of higher profits.   In the vein of Clear and Simple, Strategy 3 will no longer be followed in 2020.  While a great strategy, it has proved to present too many variables for members trying to trade and work full-time.  Total focus will be fixed on continuing the top performance of both Strategy 1 and Strategy 2.  Strategy 2 honed in on Strategic Compounding and hit 418% starting with only $10,000 of capital allocated.  At year end Strategy 2 capital had reached $51,860.

The S&P finished up 28.88% for 2019.  This lagged ATTS by over 12%.   The Active Trend Trading System has an average return for the past 8 years is 32.31%.  Go to the link: “2019 Performance Margin Account” above for the complete Statement.

Win/Loss Ratio per Strategy
Trades % of Trades
Strategy 1:  Portfolio Building Stocks/ETFs 90
Winning 60 67%
Losing 30 33%
Strategy 2:  Strategic Compounding Options 289
Winning 210 73%
Losing 79 27%
Strategy 3:  Cashflow & Capital Growth 94
Winning 67 71%
Losing 27 29%

Results for 2018 through Dec 31, 2018 Margin Account:  2018 Margin

Win/Loss Ratio Per Strategy Trades % of Trades
Strategy 1:  Portfolio Building 83
Winning 54 65%
Losing 29 35%
Strategy 2:  Option Cash Flow 46
Winning  37 80%
Losing 9 20%
Strategy 3:  Option Wealth & Income 165
Winning 133 81%
Losing 32 19%

Results for 2017 through Dec 31, 2017 Margin Account:  2017 Margin

2017 was a year where the Active Trend Trading System provided and even greater Clarity and Simplification for members.  The year was marked by strong training and strong performance.  With a Yearly return of 46% the System again beat all the Indexes and also the yearly ATTS objective of 40%.  Average return for past 6 years is 30.28%.  Go to the link: 2017 Margin above for complete Statement.

Win/Loss Ratio Per Strategy Trades % of Trades
Strategy 1:  Portfolio Building 70 100%
Winning 51 72.86%
Losing 19 27.14%
Strategy 2:  Option Cash Flow 60 100%
Winning  47 78.33%
Losing 13 21.67%
Strategy 3:  Option Wealth & Income 171 100%
Winning 139 81.29%
Losing 32 18.71%

Results for 2016 through Dec 31, 2016 Margin Account:  2016 Margin

2016 was a year of optimization for the ATT System.  Yearly return beat the all Indexes with the exception of the Russell but fell short the ATTS objective of 40%.  Average return for past 5 years is 27.05%.

Win/Loss Ratio Per Strategy
     Strategy I: Portfolio Building 38 % of Trades
               Winning 21 55.26%
               Losing 17 44.74%
     Strategy II:  Options 26 % of Trades
               Winning 17 65.38%
               Losing 9 34.62%
     Strategy III:  Wealth & Income 233 % of Trades
               Winning 187 80.26%
               Losing 46 19.74%

 Results for 2016 IRA Account not included because this account has been reserved for the Early Warning Alert System

Results for 2015 through Dec 31, 2015 Margin Account:  2015 Margin

Challenging year in a down market.  Yearly return beat the Indexes but fell short the ATTS objective of 40%.  Average return for past 4 years is 29.09%.

Winning Trades: 53.16%

 Results for 2015 IRA Account not included because this account was used for testing through out 2015.

Results for 2014 through Dec 31, 2014 IRA Account:  2014 IRA

The IRA account has focuses all year only on ATTS trades.

Winning Trades  =  64.00%

Results for 2014 through Dec 31, 2014 Margin Account:  2014 Margin

Continued focus on trading fewer stocks with a patience approach waiting for the proper buy & sell Action Points.

*Note:  This account was used to test various strategies until the Timing Service began on June 1, 2014.  Since that time it has only traded using the Active Trend Trading System.  The account was up 11% as of end of May 2014.

Winning Trades: 58.62%

Results for 2013:  Return 2013 Spreadsheet
Improvements in 2013 due to focus on fewer stocks and taking advantage of trading great moves in TNA resulted in a 44.5% return in this test account. Reduced trading magnitude in the second half of the year really paid off.

Winning Trades = 63.5%

Results for 2012:    Return 2012 Spreadsheet
While the 28.2% return in the test account for 2012 were good, after additional study it was clear that there were too many trades to manage in a efficient manner.

Winning Trades = 56.6%

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