On the Radar Jan 8th

Good Day Traders,

Overview & Highlights for On the Radar:  With the Trader’s Report now coming after the market on the first weekly day of trading, I wanted way of providing a way of highlighting any growth stock or ETF that stood out on my weekend review.  I will publish the “On the Radar” report for that purpose.  Two versions will be posted to the website.  One for Premium Members who can access the report on a secure webpage.  This version will call out specific stocks or ETFs that are on my radar.  The second version will include only a list of stocks that turned up on my review of the IBD 50 over the weekend.  This will be posted to the Blog portion of the website on the Homepage.

I hope all members will find this new report valuable to your weekend planning.

Remember if you have not reviewed the training on Seasonality please do so before you complete your strategic trading plan for 2017.  I will be focusing on these historical patterns for the IBD 50, Gold, Oil, Biotech and Financials to provide an edge.  Last year we rode the June-July Gold Seasonality to a big gain.  Let’s see it 2017 follows the same historic patterns.

See this powerful training at:  https://activetrendtrading.com/how-to-profit-from-market-seasonality/

Upcoming Webinars:  At Active Trend Trading we offer three webinars per week to provide training plus trade and market updates.  See the schedule below for the next webinars.

The How to Make Money Trading Stock ShowFree Webinar every Friday at 11:00 a.m. PDT.   This weekly live and recorded webinar helped traders find great stocks and ETF’s to trade with excellent timing and helped them stay out of the market during times of weakness.

How to Make Money Trading Stocks on Friday, Jan 13th

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Topic:  A Strategic Trade Plan for 2017!

** Friday’s “Final Hour”: Jan 13th ** 
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On the Radar:   This section highlights Growth Stocks and Leveraged ETFs potentially setting up for next week.  For Premium Members.

Outs & Ins on the IBD 50:   Four stocks debuted on the IBD 50 list this weekend.  AL, GIMO, NTES and URI.  None of these floated to the top of my sort which identifies the best of the best Growth Stocks from this week’s IBD 50.

The top stocks from this week’s sort include: IDCC, THO, CPE, NVDA, UBNT and ESNT.

For our all Active Trend Trading Members here’s how I will utilize my trading capital

Trading Capital Setup and Position Sizing:  This year the Active Trend Trading starts from a baseline of $116,600

–          Each trader must define their own trading capital to properly size trade positions to meet their own risk tolerance level!

–          Strategy I:  Capital Growth—60% of capital which equates to approximately $140K at full margin.  This strategy trades IBD Quality Growth Stocks and Select Leveraged ETFs.  Growth Target 40% per year.

–          Strategy II:  Short Term Income or Cash Flow—10% of capital or $10K.  This strategy focuses on trading options on stocks and ETF’s identified in Strategy I.  The $10K will be divided into $2K units per trade.

–          Strategy III:  Combination of Growth and Income—30% of capital or up to $34K.  This strategy will use LEAPS options as a foundation to sell weekly option positions with the intent of covering cost of long LEAPS plus growth and income.

–          The $70K Strategy I portion of the trade account is split into 4 positions.  I will use up to 2 stocks and  2-4 leveraged Index ETF.  Actual number of shares will vary of course depending on price of the entity traded and amount of margin available.

–          Naked Puts or short term options strategies will be used occasionally for Income Generating Positions

–          None of the trade setups are recommendations to trade only notification of planned trades from set ups using the Active Trend Trading System.  Each trader is responsible for establishing their own appropriate risk level if they decide to parallel trade.

–          The Active Trend Trading System objective is to provide a clear and simple system designed for members who work full time.