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ART & SCIENCE of Active Trend Trading 4-13-2014

Good Day Traders, As the weekend quickly slips away it’s time to pull together some thoughts about the current market condition and perhaps life in general.  The big question on many traders’ minds is “where’s the bounce?” and the follow-up question, “will it be just a sucker rally?”  As always, the quotable answer to each…

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Art & Science of Active Trend Trading–Midweek 4-2-2014

Good Day Traders, Well, the Bulls didn’t stay nailed to the wall very long.  Nice rebound, but are we really out of the woods and ready for some rainbow stew?  (If you don’t know, it’s an old song about things appearing to be better than they really are.) The BAMM will host Lee Tanner at…

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Art & Science of Active Trend Trading–March 30, 2014

Good Day Traders,  Did the Bears put the final stake in the Bulls heart and will the downside continue?  We shall see!  But while we wait for a conclusion, April will be a great month for training for both the Bay Area Money Makers (BAMM) and Active Trend Traders.  The BAMM will host Lee Tanner…

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The Art & Science of Active Trend Trading Mid-Week 3-26-2014

Good Day Traders, For those who’ve been reading the Art & Science Bi-Weeklies for a while, thank you!  I try to keep the discussion going with a view of the Markets and individual stocks from a purely technical viewpoint, following great stock picking tools from IBD® fundamental analysis, and Active Trend Trading Action Points.  We…

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Art & Science of Active Trend Trading 3-23-2014

March 23, 2014 Good Day Traders, I’ve been back from Vegas a week after the great two day training session there covering Market School & Chart School.  Both were great trainings, but my favorite was the Chart School.  The Mid-Week Market Sanity Checks have been going well as we move into our 3rd month of…

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