Art & Science of Active Trend Trading–Trader’s Report 1-4

Good Day Traders,

Overview & Highlights:  Well the first day of the new trading campaign kicked off today to the upside.  I’m looking forward to how both the Active Trend Trading and Early Warning Alert Systems will benefit from the in-depth analysis we conducted during the month of November and December.  The yearend summary of how the system and strategies performed in 2016 will be posted to the website this weekend.  The optimizations we have implemented from a refined Premium Watch List which includes strong growth stocks and top-notch leveraged ETFs will simplify after-hour analysis and allow members to mainly wait for proper entry triggers.

Additionally, there is some excellent training planned for 2017 which will help each member continue to sharpen their trading skills.

Mike’s Macro Market Musings has really gone to the dogs, I believe you will enjoy tonight’s post.

Lastly, I will be sending out a video defining exactly how I’m dividing up my trading capital for 2017.  Strategy III: Wealth Building will have about 10% more capital allocated.  This will allow me to have at least 2 contracts active on each side of the LEAPS Straddle or Strangle we set up this Friday.

Upcoming Webinars:  At Active Trend Trading we offer two webinars per week to provide training plus trade and market updates.  See the schedule below for the next webinars.

The How to Make Money Trading Stock ShowFree Webinar every Friday at 11:00 a.m. PDT.   This weekly live and recorded webinar helped traders find great stocks and ETF’s to trade with excellent timing and helped them stay out of the market during times of weakness.

How to Make Money Trading Stocks on Friday, Jan 6th
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Next Training Webinar:  Jan 4th      
For Premium Members, our Wednesday evening training is developing some fantastic traders
Topic:  Seasonality—Wait for It!

Mike’s Macro Market Musings:  Misha’s Market Musings

Anyone who lives with an animal companion knows very well that they constantly communicate with us in ways that can be both surprising and revelatory and that they are extremely observant and sensitive to our emotions and moods.  Our 4-year-old Goldendoodle, Misha, is a constant companion and has no difficulty letting me know what she thinks and feels in between her multiple daily naps.  She is often at my side or my feet as I sit at the computer monitors observing the price action of the markets.  Following is a distillation of recent exchanges between her and I on the current state of the equity markets, the history of boom and bust cycles in the economy and the markets, and the similarities between events in her life and what the charts are currently showing us.  Her insight borders on the uncanny.

The conversation starts as Misha observes me looking at the charts on the monitors and shaking my head in disbelief:

MISHA – Dad, what’s wrong?  Why are you shaking your head like that?  Can I have a treat?
ME:  No, you can’t have a treat.  You just ate breakfast.  Do you want to get fat like your friend Rosie?  I’m shaking my head because I can’t believe these stock charts.

MISHA:  Why?  What’s wrong with them?  I don’t mind getting fat.  Rosie’s cute and fun to chase and easy to catch
ME:  They’re going up too much and too fast and I’m afraid of what might happen next.

MISHA:  You mean like when I eat too much and too fast and then I have to throw up later?
ME:  Yes, something like that

MISHA:  OK.  Can I have a treat now?
ME:  No.

MISHA:  I’m not talking to you anymore until I get a treat
ME:  Come on, you just ate

MISHA:  (Silence)
ME:  Geez.  OK.  Here’s a cookie.  Don’t tell Mom.  She’s always yelling at me that I feed you too much

MISHA:  OK.  Don’t worry.  I won’t tell.  If I eat too much I’ll just throw up on the oriental rug in the living room like I always do.
ME:  Then what?

MISHA:  Then you’ll bail me out and clean up the mess like you always do.  Thanks for the cookie, it was delicious.   (licks her lips).  Are the people in the stock market eating too much?
ME:  Yes, that’s what I’m afraid of

MISHA:  Do they throw up after they eat too much like I do?  Can I have another treat, please?
ME:  Yes.  And no.

MISHA:  (Silence, and a long direct look)
ME:  What?

MISHA:  No treat, no trick.  It’s not Halloween anymore.
ME:  Sheesh!  OK, here’s a small piece of cookie.  DON’T TELL MOM!!

MISHA:  Thanks, Dad.  (Licks the back of my hand)  So when the humans in the stock market eat too much and too fast and then they throw up, do they get bailed out and cleaned up afterwards like I do?
ME:  Well, yes, at least some of them do.  Remember that time in the park you found a piece of a dead squirrel and ate it?

MISHA:  Yes.  That was delicious!  Can we do that again?  Where’s my treat?
ME:  Remember what happened after that?

MISHA:  I felt sick.  Another cookie, please
ME:  Forget it.  No more treats right now.  Remember I had to take you to the doctor and what happened then?

MISHA:  Oh, yeah, now I remember.  The doctor gave me a shot and I had to throw up and then I felt better and I was ready to eat again.  What do you mean, no more treats?  You know, you look like you’ve been eating too many treats yourself
ME:  (Silence)

MISHA:  (Silence)
ME:  All right, last cookie.  Now what?

MISHA:  (Licks her lips)  So when the humans in the stock market eat too much and get sick and then throw up, why do they eat too much again next time?
ME:  They forget how sick they got and only remember how good it felt while they were eating.  Why do you?

MISHA:  I’m a dog.  It’s what I do, part of the job.  Just like it’s the master’s job to feed us too much and then clean up the mess when we get sick and throw up.  I know you said that was my last treat, but when do I get another one?
ME:  Later.  Let’s go to the park.

MISHA:  Wait.  I don’t feel so good  (throws up on the oriental rug in the living room)
ME:  Oh well, now I have to bail you out and clean up the mess before Mom gets home

MISHA:  That’s what masters do.  Thanks, Dad.  I feel better now.  Can I have a treat when we get back from the park?
ME:  We’ll see.

MISHA:  I love you, Dad
ME:  I love you, too.  DON’T TELL MOM!!

MISHA:  OK, I promise I won’t tell if you promise to keep feeding me.  Otherwise, I’m going to tell her everything, and you’ll be sorry you didn’t give me another cookie.

Misha has asked me to wish you all a very Happy New Year and an excellent 2017 Trading Season!

General Market Observation:  Each of the 3 Tracking Indexes finished up for the first trading day of 2017.  This is positive for the current uptrend that started just before the election in November.  But, today’s price action took place within the bearish price action from last week.  Each Index has solid levels of support and resistance and with bearish reversal candlesticks in place either on a weekly or daily chart.  Neither the SPX, NDX nor RUT have totally let go to the downside, so at this point today’s action must be considered pullback action within an uptrend.

The TSI and Momentum indicators between the weekly and daily charts are not in synch.  Daily oscillators look ready for a bounce while the weekly oscillators look ready to continue their rollover.  The price action for each Index finished midway between support and resistance in no man’s land.  At this point no trade for the indexes in either direction.

As the daily chart of the SPX shows below, today’s action may be just a bounce into the resistance from last week’s bearish action.  The down slanted resistance line may provide an upside ceiling where selling could begin again. The long wicks both above and below the body of today’s candle show exactly where buyers and sellers came in to support their convictions.  I’ll place an alert at 2269 to let me know when the Resistance line is approached.  Again, due to the weekly and daily charts being out of synch, I would favor the longer term weekly charts which look to favor a downside move.

SPX:   Downside Market Short the SPY, SPY Puts or SPXU.
Preferred Long ETF’s:  SPY, UPRO and SPXL

NDX:   Downside Market Short the QQQ, QQQ Puts or SQQQ.
Preferred Long ETF’s: QQQ and TQQQ

RUT:   Downside Market Short the IWM, IWM Puts or TZA.
Preferred Long ETF’s:  IWM and TNA

The How to Make Money Trading Stock ShowFree Webinar every Friday at 11:00 a.m. PDT.   This weekly live and recorded webinar helped traders find great stocks and ETF’s to trade with excellent timing and helped them stay out of the market during times of weakness.

How to Make Money Trading Stocks on Friday, Jan 6th  
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Index Returns 2016

ATTS Returns for 2016

Percent invested initial $100K account:  Strategies I & II invested at 15%; Strategy III invested at 8%.

Current Strategy Performance YTD (Closed Trades)
Strategy I:  Up $896.15 or +1.28%
Strategy II:  Up $1,371.00 or +13.7%
Strategy III:  Up $28,869.00
Cumulative YTD:  31.14%

Active Trend Trading’s Yearly Objectives:
–          Yearly Return of 40%
–          60% Winning Trades
–          Early Warning Alert Target Yearly Return = 15% or better

For a complete view of specific trades closed visit the website at:

Updated first full week of each month.  The next update after first week in January.

Outs & Ins:   The first IBD 50 of the year came out this past weekend.  The stocks with the strongest fundamentals include:  IDCC, THO, CPE, NVDA, UBNT & ESNT.

Share Your Success:  Many of you have sent me notes regarding the success you are having with the Active Trend Trading System.  Please send your stories to me at or leave a post on the website.   Thanks.