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Performance Updated August 7th

Just a reminder of what we focus on at Active Trend Trading.  First we use a mechanical system for planning swing and trend trades in three different strategies.  Active Trend Trading Premium Members can parallel trade in one or all three of these Strategies.  For members starting out focusing on Strategy I promotes learning the system before branching out into either of the Option Strategies.

Strategy I:  Portfolio Building–The objective of this strategy is to take advantage of changes in trend on IBD 50 Growth Stocks and a stable of quality ETFs that follow the Indexes plus Gold, Oil, Financials and Biotech’s.

Strategy II:  Options–The objective of this strategy is to use Active Trend Trading Triggers for short to intermediate swing trades using directional option strategies.  Expected hold time is a few days to a few weeks.  This Strategy is designed for weekly & monthly Cash Flow, target: $500 – $1000 per week.

Strategy III:  Income and Wealth Building–The objective of this strategy is to sell weekly premium against LEAPS positions in SPY, TSLA and NVDA.   Selling weekly option premium against these foundational positions reduces the cost basis with an objective of returning between 50% and 100% of the initial investment after paying for the initial investment. 

After providing a fast start to the year, the Indexes have been providing excellent range bound trading with little trending traction.  Index and stock moves have become exaggerated and news driven.  Trading should be focused from floor to ceiling of trading ranges.  

July Update:  Total trading capital brought forward from 2017 was $100,000. As of July 31st was $117,975 or a 17.98% increase.  Very pleased that many Active Trend Trading Members are reporting continued excellent results through July.  I will maintain the focus for both Strategies 1 & 2 for capital growth and weekly income. Strategy 3 will be a strong focus through the end of the year so we hit the 50%-100% total return.  This years sloppy-choppy directionless environment being up 25-30% is good.  Strategy 3 positions in both BABA and SPY have been improved with BABA now up 10.72% and SPY down but up from June.  TSLA is up 42% including current residual value of the LEAPS Straddle.  

With a solid foundation in place from Premium Training sessions, our focus through the rest of the year will be execution for each Strategy.  Expect more conditional orders based on the Go-No Go Table provided each weekend.  I will continue to seek ways to provide Clear and Simple training and parallel trading opportunities. 

“Most trading errors come from a lack of patience and a compulsion ‘to do something’ when nothing really needs to be done.” –


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Early Warning Alert Update:  EWA has provide 2 triggers this year.  I’m currently working on some refinements that will reduce the whipsaw nature of entries and provide triggers for longer term holding.  I’ll be providing more insight on these enhancements as we move towards the 4th Quarter 2018.  May’s update is at:  Go Here


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