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Performance through May 2017

Just a reminder of what we focus on at Active Trend Trading.  First we use a mechanical system for planning swing and trend trades in three different strategies.  Active Trend Trading Premium Members can parallel trade in one or all three of these Strategies.  For members starting out focusing on Strategy I promotes learning the system before branching out into either of the Option Strategies.

Strategy I:  Portfolio Building–The objective of this strategy is to take advantage of changes in trend on IBD 50 Growth Stocks and a stable of quality ETFs that follow the Indexes plus Gold, Oil, Financials and Biotech’s.

Strategy II:  Options–The objective of this strategy is to use Active Trend Trading Triggers for short to intermediate swing trades using directional option strategies.  Expected hold time is a few days to a few weeks.

Strategy III:  Income and Wealth Building–The objective of this strategy is to sell weekly premium against LEAPS positions in SPY, TSLA and NUGT.   Selling weekly option premium against these foundational positions reduces the cost basis with an objective of returning between 50% and 100% of the initial investment after paying for the initial investment.

Through May 2017:   The Income and Wealth Strategy continues to perform well.  I closed both the NUGT and TSLA 2018 Straddles.  Selling premium against the NUGT Straddle was not working well, so I fired NUGT for a 1.37% gain.  The TSLA Straddle worked very well the position was close for a profit of 100% on 5/26.  I will wait about 2 weeks before building another TSLA position.  In the interim a 2 contract 2018 NVDA Straddle was launched.   I believe NVDA will go well with TSLA and SPY through the rest of the year.

Total trading capital brought forward from 2016 was $116,627 because of several open positions at the close of 2016.  As of May 31st total value of the Margin Account has grown to over $137,200 for current profit of $20,573.00 or 17.64%.  Excellent training has continued through the May with many Premium members reporting success in applying the ATTS rules to many trade opportunities.  With some more seasonality opportunities coming on to the horizon during the next few months, I expect the theme for 2017 or “Explosive Growth” to be achieved.

At this point in the current trading campaign Active Trend Trading is on schedule to reach our goal of 40% return for the year.  We will continue to be diligent in our application of the rules and be ready for opportunity when it appears!  Here’s a great quote from Tom Sosnoff: “Wealth creation is a derivative of mechanically addressing opportunity.”  Over time and with patience this does work out.

Indexes YTD:  May 31st

Trades closed to date:







Performance through End of Dec 2016

In 2016 the Active Trend Trading System has done well with Strategies II and III carrying providing the best returns.  With the excellent training provided over the past months, Active Trend Traders are better prepared to profit from whatever the market throws at them.  Moving into 2017 there will be a optimizations to Strategy I adding more emphasis on Leveraged ETFs.  This will continue to simplify and clarify the ATTS mechanics and benefit members who are still working.  I continue to be dedicated to making the Active Trend Trading system simple and clear so each of us can multiply our efforts and our capital.  The Active Trend Trading system continues to outperform the market and through 2016 with an averaged return of 27.05% over the past 5 years is which provides a compounding effect of 231%.  $1,000 would have grown to $3,310 over 5 years.  Past performance is no guarantee of future performance, but using a successful system can help to provide an edge.

Several members have requested a full spreadsheet of all trades and that is now available in the form of a PDF that will be updated with the regular monthly update.
You can find this new addition at this link:  ATTS Performance 2016 Trades

We invested the month of December assessing all trades done during 2016 and providing training on how to implement optimizations going into 2017.  While 2016 was a challenge for Strategy I-Portfolio Building with the combination of all three Strategies the ATTS outpaced the S&P by 9.34%.

Trading funds used for the Active Trend Trading System are divided between 3 Strategies.   A breakdown of the Strategies follows:

Strategy 1:  65% – 70% of trading funds dedicated to trading individual stocks and Index ETFs.  To Date:  Up = 1.28%

Strategy 2:  10% of trading funds dedicated to simple directional option trades.  Up to 5 different option positions can be open at one time.  Trading funds will be divided equally between up to 5 positions.  To Date: Up = +$1371 or  13.71%

Strategy 3:  25% of trading funds dedicated to Wealth and Income Generation using LEAP options on one of the Index ETFs non-leveraged.  Then selling weekly options against both a call and put position.  To Date: Up +$28,869 in collected weekly Premium and over 50% in total performance

Remember Trading is much like a commission job.  Some months are lean and others are amazing–we’ve seen the lean now looking for the amazing!   In the second quarter profits have accelerated and we look forward to continuing this trend through the remainder of the year.  The power of the 8 period moving average, Keltner Channel & Moving Average Envelopes and Reversion to the Mean as a trade triggers on multiple timeframes will be the mainstay of trades for all 3 Strategies.

 These  results are not a claim that similar results will be achieved by all traders. No system can ever totally incorporate all the variables present in the Market and human factors in following trading rules. 

Profit/Loss Since Jan 1, 2016

Through Dec 31  

Indexes YTD 2016

2016 Win/Loss Ratio Per Strategy Trades
     Strategy I: Portfolio Building 38 % of Trades
               Winning 21 55.26%
               Losing 17 44.74%
     Strategy II:  Options 26 % of Trades
               Winning 17 65.38%
               Losing 9 34.62%
     Strategy III:  Wealth & Income 233 % of Trades
               Winning 187 80.26%
               Losing 46 19.74%

Active Trend Traders Private Watch List for Basic and Premium Members:  Is being modified to account for leveraged ETFs

2015 Results–Go Here:  2015 Performance24 Positions Profitable
14  Positions Unprofitable63% Profitable Trades

2014 Results–Go Here:   2014 Margin17 Positions Profitable
12  Positions Unprofitable59% Profitable Trades 


  1. If you have any questions regarding the Strategies, please email me at

    Trade Wisely,

    • Hi Dennis,
      Thanks for showing us that WL using advanced filter to sort best IBD 50 stocks. It made a world of difference for me.
      Also I would really like to learn your Strategy III. The one with LEAPS and writing weekly calls and puts against it. Is it possible that this year I could still buy the LEAP?

      • Hi Chris,
        Watch the video for Strategy III and see how I set up the Long LEAPS position. Yes one can still set this up with LEAPS expiring in Jan 2018. Go through the math with the set up and if you have any questions send me an email at:

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