First I’m not a big hype kind of guy, after all I’m a retired engineer and trainer. So I’ll keep this short and sweet!

Regular Active Trend Trading Monthly Membership = $74.99/month

Alerts or trading notifications are not recommendations to buy or sell the associated entity. We are sharing the technical analysis and our personal trades. Back testing results are not a promise of future performance nor are they a guarantee that past results can be matched on both individual or combined trades we report. All information on alerts and trades are for educational purposes only. Each trader is responsible for establishing their own risk tolerance and are responsible for their own trades.

Monthly Premium Member


The Premium Subscription includes the following:

1. Pre Trade Notification–Text & Email Alerts prior to opening Trades
2. Secondary Alerts on Index ETF’s
3. Pre-Market & Intraday alerts of trade set-ups of trades we will be executing
4. Trade Management Reports on open positions–What we’re thinking and protection Profits
5. Special Monthly Videos on the Active Trend Trading System
6. Includes all Features of Basic Subscription
7. Text Alerts & Text Trade Notification

a. Weekly Art & Science of Active Trend Trading–Trader’s Report on Tuesday each week
b. Trader’s Reports Update throughout the week
c. Mid-Week Training Webinars mid-week at 6:30 p.m. Pacific (subscribers only recording available after webinar for review)
d. Access to my private watch list of IBD quality growth stocks, with weekly updates