Early Warning Alerts 2017-2018 Review Plus How to Trade

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Welcome to the Index ETF Early Warning Alerts page.

Mike and I have recorded the following video highlighting the Optimization of the EWA Timing Service for 2017 & 2018.   Second video added that covers how to trade the EWA Triggers.

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How to Trade The Early Warning Alerts Video

Focused on providing alert timing for non-leveraged and leveraged Index ETFs: SPY, QQQ, IWM, SPXL, UPRO, TQQQ & TNA. There may be occasional focus on the inverse Index ETF’s when market condition favor downside movement. Our objective is to provide a timing signal alert within 1-15 days of the Standby Alert and then close the long position 20 trading days after entry. In 2016 as it did in 2015, the Early Warning Alerts triggered either standby slightly before or on the day of the Index’s Swing Low. The follow up trade trigger took place within 1-5 days of the initial standby alert.

Hi Mike and Dennis,
I was reviewing my year to date for Early alert trading and it’s up 21% for the year. It is a small account that started with a little over 12K, but I traded with the alerts when I was comfortable and had a positive results. Thank you both.

(These back test results are not a promise nor guarantee of future returns nor a recommendation to trade. The Alerts and Triggers are provided showing when we enter our own trades. Each member is responsible for their own risk management.)